Prayer Request Update John Ries

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One of John’s daughters sent this early afternoon Mon, 4-29
—– Forwarded Message —–
Subject: John Ries update
Dad is slowly improving. He was moved out of the ICU today to the step down unit late this afternoon. He has been much more alert and aware and recognizes family and is asking frequently about “Vin the show beagle.” He still has some interesting stories to tell and odd dreams as his brain is still coming out of the effects of the ICU and various medication changes.
He is doing respiratory therapy and remains on oxygen to support his pneumonia.
He is able to eat and drink now, but is not real thrilled with the hospital food offerings. We are going to have to smuggle in some decent options for him.
He is working hard to participate in all of his treatments and is motivated to get well. He will likely need to be in the hospital through the end of the week.
We have all been so thankful for everyone’s love and support.

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