Update on John Ries

The following has been contributed by a member of the Saint Edward Email News and Prayer Request Network for your information:

Dad is settling into the step down unit (IMCU) today (4/30) and we are realizing that the past week has taken its toll on his body.

His mental state is more aware and clearer each day, but now we just have to allow time for the antibiotics and respiratory therapy to work in improving his pneumonia. He remains on 6 liters of oxygen and tires easily.

They tried to get him up walking this AM, but he quickly became fatigued and his oxygen saturation levels dropped into the 70’s and so they just got him positioned in a chair and had him sit up for a bit until he recovered.

He is eating and drinking pretty well and getting rest in between treatments, but is very tired.

The doctor who rounded on him today talked about the possibility that he may need to go to an outpatient rehab facility before transitioning to home. He will not be leaving the hospital until his oxygen needs decrease and that is just going to take time for the antibiotics and the therapy to help things along.

We will be talking with a hospital social worker tomorrow to discuss options for transition when he is ready.

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