Prayer Request

David and Marlene Simpson, former St. Eds members who moved to Henderson, NV in June of 2017, have requested your prayers. The following is from David:
“I apologize if you have already heard any of this.
Marlene is on her 3rd day in the hospital being treated for congestive heart failure with fluid in her lungs. And I am in my 5th week of being locked down in our apartment unable to leave. Even if I could, however, I could not go to the hospital to see her as no visitors are allowed. Very frustrating.
She was tested for the virus when she arrived at ER on Friday morning and it came back negative. Protocol, however, dictates a second test which she was given later that day. Unfortunately, they lost her test and so today (Sunday) she had to have a 3rd test. Results are expected tomorrow so please pray for negative results. Once that happens, the staff does not have to wear hazmat suits in her room & keep the door closed. It must be so scary for her.
She has eaten a couple of meals but is very tired, bored and ready to come home.
Thank you for your prayerful support.
In His ❤️ David & Marlene