The Pope

Even if all human doors were barred, God’s door is open. #Prayer

We are living in a difficult time, many people are facing difficulties and suffering. In a time like this, we need someone who can encourage us, help us, inspire us. Saint Joseph is a bright witness in dark times. Let us turn to him to find our way again.…

To really know people, we need to recognize them and recognize that each of them bears the inviolable beauty of a son or daughter of God, a reflection of the Creator’s image.

At times due to the pandemic, many people experience the ordeal of not having a job that allows them to live tranquilly. Often they become so desperate that it drives them to the point of losing all hope and the desire to live. Let us #PrayTogether for them.

Sometimes, looking at our lives, we see only the things we lack and forget the talents we possess. Yet God gave them to us because He trusts us and asks us to make the most of the present moment, not yearning for the past, but waiting industriously for His return.