The Pope

In Confession, let's give God first place. Once he is in charge, everything becomes beautiful and confession becomes the Sacrament of joy, not of fear and judgement, but of joy. #24hourswiththeLord

Is your faith tired? Do you want to reinvigorate it? Look for God’s gaze: sit in adoration, allow yourself to be forgiven in Confession, stand before the Crucified One. In short, let him love you. #Lent

I am close to the people of #Malawi, of Mozambique, and of South Africa, who have been struck in recent days by a powerful cyclone. Let us #PrayTogether for the deceased, the injured, the displaced. May the Lord sustain the families and communities most affected by this disaster.

The treasure we have received with our Christian vocation, we are obliged to give: it is the dynamic nature of the vocation, the dynamic nature of life.