Station V: The Denial of the Resurrection

Denial of the Resurrection
Denial of the Resurrection

Matthew 28: 11-15

The forces that threaten are now before us. Bribery, lying, deceit, all are brought into play, corrupting both the soldiers and those who seek to hide The truth. What may challenge the full power of the Resurrection? What denies us and our society the possibilities and potential of this transforming love? Where do faith, hope and trust fall short?

Many forces whisper here, counseling expediency… telling us that the end justifies the means, bringing out the doubt and fear that will eat away at the integrity we do have, the love that we already know. Evil has many masks and it is surely best to know them. Whatever frailty or uncertainty hamper out lives, we also need to know that ultimately nothing lies outside the power of joy of the Resurrection.

Prayer: “I pray that I will remember your strength will help me overcome my failings.”

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